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by Manuela Rouget

My name is Fauve, I’m twenty-two years old, and two months ago, I was a normal French college student. Now? I was just accepted into the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts of Montréal and moved to the other side of the Atlantic to attend their 10-month Intensive Program.


The catch? Every term, the lowest ranking half of the class has to go home, and the best student wins a job at the legendary Cirque des Etoiles at the end of the year, guaranteeing a long, prosperous career as a performer.


Will I be good enough to stay in the program until the end? Will the open relationship with my boyfriend help us overcome the distance? Will the connection with my flatmates be the end of it all or is it just the beginning?


One thing is certain: the show must go on, and failure is not an option.

Aerial is a steamy, fast-burn contemporary reverse harem romance novel intended for audiences 18+ only. It ends with an HFN and no cliffhanger.


by Manuela Rouget

I always thought graduating would be the solution to all my problems. It turns out I was wrong. The professional world is way more cutthroat and ruthless than I imagined, and I have to fight tooth and nail to make a name for myself.

During our trip to France, my mom decides to drop bombs on me at my graduation party. Back in Montréal, my boss announces Cirque Edouard’s new direction and makes changes to take the company into the twenty-first century. The problem? Change isn't always good.

In the middle of it all, the relationship with my guys will be my safe haven. Let's just hope the brewing storm doesn't reduce it to rubble.

Will I be strong enough to withstand the pressure and become a star? Or will my ambition be my downfall?

Set two years after the events of Aerial, Stellar is the second and final book of the Flying High duet. It is a contemporary reverse harem romance novel intended for audiences eighteen and older. Even though Fauve is the focus of the story, all her boyfriends have relationships which each other.

The Cleanup.png

By Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

It all started when we ruled our high school. I manipulated and lied my way to the top. Max, Viraj, Roark, and Zach always had my back, each participating in my schemes when it struck their fancy or they needed a thrill.

Adulthood and disagreements tore us apart. Max is now a horse-raising aristocrat. Viraj is a lawyer by day and an adrenaline junkie by night. Roark is my resident hacker. Zach, well, my very own antisocial psychopath became a sweet paediatrician. And me? I'm a respected businesswoman and the owner of a multinational company, The Cleanup.

This is all a front. In the Information Era, I steal secrets. And they're worth more than gold.

But what happens when my best friend Ellie hires me for a heist that I can’t pull off on my own? I need my guys’ help, but will their devotion to me overcome their lifelong hatred for one another? My reputation and my best friend's neck are on the line, and I am not ready to lose it all.

The Cleanup is a full-length standalone novel. This is a contemporary heist reverse harem romance, meaning our leading lady has three or more love interests and does not have to choose between them to find her happily ever after. Please check the authors' note at the start of the book for warnings.


By Mila Sin and Manuela Rouget

It is time.

I’ve waited two years, given her time and space, all because she asked.

I thought she would eventually find me.

I was wrong.

She’s living her best thieving life, moving from country to country, from job to job, from secret to secret, never stopping—even for a moment. Is she running from something? Is she afraid her past will catch up to her, and she’ll have to face it?

Does she think she will escape me?

For two years, she did. But I found her.

And today, I’m gonna make her pay.


Set in the same world as The Cleanup, The Meetup is a dark standalone short story relaying what happened when Zach finally found Olivia, two years after they left boarding school. Although the characters are the same, it is not necessary to have read The Cleanup to enjoy The Meetup, as it is an independent story.

This is a dark adult MF story, reader discretion is advised. For a detailed list of themes, please see the content note in the beginning of the book.

The Cleanup
The Meetup
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